As a spin-off of a research centre, the Marconi Foundation, CNC has research in its DNA.
CNC organises, proposes and participates in research projects at Italian and European level.
Due to its very deep and long expertise, CNC offers consultancy services to companies
and organisations which wish to start or manage research projects, taking advantage
of public funding opportunities.
In a research project, CNC can cover different technical and organisational roles, e.g.:

  • Coordination of project proposals
  • Technical advisors in working groups and research projects
  • Quality management
  • Technical management of specific work packages or tasks within projects
  • Financial management and administration
  • Dissemination and public Web site

All such activities can be effectively supported by the Cooperation Tool product. 
See also Application Services.
Currently, CNC research activities refer to theEuropean research framework Horizon 2020 and the Shift2Rail programme.