Past Projects

The history of the company during its 35-years life goes in parallel to the development of information technology and multimedia communications, spanning from Videotel and video discs and CD-ROMs to current Web applications, with various intermediate steps and side activities.

CNC Centro Nuova Comunicazione was founded in 1984 by a group of 7 share holders, as a spin-off and with the patronage of Guglielmo Marconi Foundation, as a company merging engineering and multimedia expertise (computer, television and telematics). CNC scope was to provide turnkey multimedia (as they will be named later) solutions, based on advanced information and communication technologies (ICT), including those for communication of information at a distance, made available by the emerging Telematics.
CNC therefore initially presents both the characteristics of a software house and a communication agency, closely following the rapid evolution of both technologies, increasingly converging. From first applications based on Videotel and videodiscs, then CNC moved to CD-I, CD-ROMs and finally Web sites on the Internet.

Many of these first applications are already addressing the railway world, initiating an activity in such sector which still continues today.
From the ICT point of view, the company followed and sometimes anticipated technological changes, based on application needs, moving from C, Java and Microsoft .NET. What did not change is the passion we put in our work, the proudness to develop original and innovative solutions, putting customer needs in first position.


Participation in the pilot project of RFI for the automatic survey of track gauge and geometry, while creating a video map of the rail infrastructure.

Partecipazione al progetto pilota di RFI per il rilievo automatizzato in linea della sagoma limite e la mappatura video dell’infrastruttura ferroviaria.

2005-2009 - INTEGRAIL

Participation in the European research project InteGRail, focussed on the development of a platform for the interoperability of railway Information Systems. 

Partecipazione al progetto di ricerca europeo InteGRail, centrato sullo sviluppo di una piattaforma per l’interoperabilità dei sistemi informativi ferroviari.

2001-2002 - PARTS CAT

Product catalogue and spare parts management developed for Benelli (motorbike manufacturer)

Catalogo prodotti e parti di ricambio realizzato per Benelli (scooter e motociclette).

2001-2002 - PARTS CAT

Product catalogue and spare parts management developed for Magneti Marelli
(components and accessories for cars).

Catalogo prodotti e parti di ricambio realizzato per Magneti Marelli
(componentistica e accessori per auto).

2002-2004 - Examiner

System for automated evaluation and self-assessment of students, trainees and participants in any type of course. 

Sistema per la valutazione ed autovalutazione automatizzata di studenti, discenti e partecipanti ad ogni tipo di corso.

2002-2005 - EUROMAIN

Participation in the European research project EuRoMain, related to advanced solutions for the maintenance support of railway rolling stock. 

Partecipazione al progetto di ricerca europeo EuRoMain relativo ad applicazioni avanzate per il supporto alla manutenzione dei rotabili ferroviari.

2001-2003 - GAAM

Automated Management System for support and maintenance of  on-board railway subsystems. 

GAAM Sistema di Gestione Automatizzata Assistenza e Manutenzione, relativo a sottosistemi ferroviari installati a bordo.

2000-2003 - TRAINCOM

Participation in the European research project TrainCom on networked applications on-board trains and train-ground communications. 

Partecipazione al progetto di ricerca europeo TrainCom sulla applicazioni in rete a bordo treno e le comunicazioni terra-treno.


A system including a number of information points based on CD-I, in order to provide information and movies to visitors of the Paleolithic Museum of Isernia.

Sistema informativo museale composto da varie postazioni basate su CD-I, per la visualizzazione di informazioni e filmati all'interno del Museo Paleolitico di Isernia.


Self-service information kiosk providing touristic and hotel information, designed and implemented for AGIP Petroli.

Postazione self-service in grado di fornire informazioni di tipo turistico-alberghiero, progettato e realizzato per AGIP Petroli.


Multimedia hypertext course based on CD-ROM, aimed at teaching proper behaviour on roads to children attending primary schools.

Ipertesto multimediale su CD-ROM per l'educazione stradale progettato per i bambini delle scuole Elementari e Medie Inferiori.

1995-1998 - ROSIN

Participation in the European research project ROSIN, for the testing and standardization of the digital network on-board trains TCN (Train Communication Network).

Partecipazione al Progetto Europeo per il test e la standardizzazione della rete digitale a bordo treno TCN (Train Communication Network).

1984 - Videotel

First automated telematic services, with automatic generation of Videotel pages and use of the personal computer as end-device to receive and display them. 

Primi servizi telematici automatizzati, con generazione automatica di pagine Videotel e uso del personal computer come terminale intelligente.