CNC developed an integrated system, which allows high-definition (HD) and interactive audio-video streaming of live surgical sessions, directly from the operating room

Named after its first application in ophthalmic surgery, EYE STREAM is a powerful tool, which can offer a real-time live experience to students, surgeons and researchers wherever they are located in the world: they will virtually enter the operating room, see exactly what the surgeon sees, hear comments and explanations and possibly even put questions which will be immediately answered.

- Interactive real-time audio-video streaming
- High definition video
- Easily operated “director” functionality
- Remote users feedback via audio or chat
- Recording capability
- Configurable sessions and users
- Booking and payments

The system is comprised of professional audio and video mixers, which can elaborate and combine signals from several HD TV cameras and microphones in a single stream to be sent everywhere through the Internet. Remote users can look at the images and listen to the audio from their Web browsers, even from mobile devices.

The main TV camera is embedded in the surgeon microscope or similar equipment, and a small wireless microphone offers the possibility for the surgeon to comment the work, without affecting his operations. Using at least one additional camera and wireless microphone allows a more complete experience, possibly involving other people attending the session in the operating room, where large preview screens are located. Local and remote attendees can therefore interact with each other and with the surgeon.

As the system can also record in parallel the images coming from the surgeon camera and the final audio-video streaming, it is possible to choose and look at previous surgery sessions, at any time.